There are so many rewarding moments in life…so many things we can look back on and know that a milestone was reached or a dream was realized. If we remember to, we can make sure that we hang on to the memories that matter and the blessings that we have been given. All too often […]

Our Lives

September 9, 2016

Good Little Things

Eeeekkk!!!! We can not begin to tell you how excited we are for this new season in our lives! Yes, Fall is approaching and we could not be more thrilled! Fall is both of our favorite seasons and we LOVE EVERYTHING there is to do with Fall. Some of the things we love to do […]

Our Lives

September 8, 2016

A New Season

Some say that education is overrated. Some choose to “fake it til ya make it”. Well, we would like to tell you that that is not how it works in photography. There is sooooo much to learn and so many different ways to improve your photography it’s just mind-boggling! We have such a passion for […]

Our Lives

August 29, 2016

Never Stop Learning

Hi, everyone and welcome to our official blog! We are excited to announce that our website has been published and is BEAUTIFUL! There are still minor adjustments that need done and the galleries need photos to fill them out, but it’s designed! It has been a long time coming and lots of anticipation on our […]

Our Lives

August 25, 2016

Our Website Is Live!!!